February 15, 2005

Furry Hat

Mezzaluna had her annual vetdoctor appointment today. Having been in and out of my office, mostly lying on my floor, for the previous two hours, she managed to cheshire into invisibility (of course) and was nowhere to be found when it was time to pack her up. So, I spent 10 minutes running around the house looking and calling and calling and looking and

There you are!"

Me? I've been here at eye level in this basket the entire time. It was amusing watching you walk past calling my name.

Right. Of course.

We were, amazingly, only a little bit late for our appointment (it was also pouring rain and traffic was bad, it being 5:00 pm); however, we were also the last appointment of the day and our vet had kept busy. So we arrived and in we went.

First I got the kitty out of the carrier — a task only slightly more difficult than putting her into the carrier had been. Then we weighed her (12.2 lb, up 1.1 lb from last year). Then back to the exam room where Mezzaluna proceeded to do her "furry hat" impression ("I am just a lump of fur, a small lump of fur. I am not a cat. I am not here. Go away."). If she'd gotten any flatter she'd have been on the underside of the table.

Our fearless vet did the exam. He gazed into Mezzy's beautiful eyes with the light. He asked questions and peered into her mouth. He poked and prodded her abdomen. Then he danced her back feet a little. Then he picked her up and swung her around, and draped her over his head like a hood, fluffy white paws on his forehead, big green kitty eyes as round as saucers.

Well, I had just compared her to a coonskin cap...

I said "Um, we haven't trimmed her claws lately." He said "That's all right". Mezzaluna, of course, was limp as a sock.

Our vet is a bit of a loon but we like him a lot. :-)

Then he gave Mez her shots (while I skritchled her head), we packed her back into the carrier, and headed back home. She said "mooo" just once on the return trip. Poor little "furry hat".

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