September 20, 2005

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Mew

We don't get many thunderstorms in central-coastal, SF Bay Area California. We had one today. The cats were less than pleased.

At a little before 1:30 this afternoon we had a long loud rolling BOOM of thunder. It rolled for a good twenty seconds, at least. It startled me up out of my chair. It woke up Squirrel.

Squirrel had been sleeping in the bucket above my computer monitors. He sat up. He looked toward the yard. His ears perked. His eyes got very wide.

There is a Very Large (probably cat-eating) MONSTER out there.

It didn't help that we had another BOOM (not quite as long but almost as loud) a minute or so later.

Make it go away.

Having grown up in central Pennsylvania, I like thunderstorms. I miss thunderstorms.

The kitties, however, are much happier with the "normal" weather we have where we live. A little fog. Rain in the winter. No house-sized growling monsters.

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